Donations & Gift Aid

  • Enter ad-hoc and standing order donations to any fund
  • Maintain donor (and other contact) details with Gift Aid status
  • Process cash donations under the GASDS scheme
  • Generate Gift Aid claims via HMRC Charities Online on demand
  • Comprehensive donation analysis and donor status reporting

Paxton Charities Accounting includes comprehensive donation management facilities with Gift Aid claims as standard.  Your donations can be booked from private individuals or from corporate bodies.  If your charity is mainly donation funded then these will probably form the bulk of your income transactions and so it is important to have the proper facilities to process them.

As many donors as required can be added and maintained by Paxton Charities Accounting.  Private individuals who have signed a valid Gift Aid declaration will be marked as such.  Donations received through cheques, cash or online can be booked to the system to the appropriate fund.  Facilities to easily book donations received by standing order are also included. Paxton Charities Accounting also supports claims to HMRC relating to cash donations received via the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS).

Under accruals accounting, Paxton Charities Accounting will be automatically accruing the recoverable Gift Aid amount in the balance sheet as donations are booked, giving an accurate financial status at all times.  If you are using the receipts and payments method, then Gift Aid will only be booked to the accounts when you receive the money from HMRC.

Another issue (sometimes quite contentious!!) relates to which fund gets the Gift Aid refund.  If Gift Aid applies on donations received by, for example, the Youth fund then really, the Youth fund should get the refund. Paxton Charities Accounting lists how the refund should be distributed between the funds.

In addition to managing and processing the booking of donations, a number of useful donation analysis reports are available.  Donation history for any donor can be obtained on demand including statements of Gift Aid’ed donations for the current and previous tax years.

The donor maintenance facilities can also be used to include other contacts.  Search parameters can be set against each record to enable selected name and address details to be extracted to a transfer file for subsequent input to a spreadsheet or mailing program.

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