Moving to Paxton


Your opportunity to move forward

The move across to Paxton will be a significant step for your organisation.  It will give you the opportunity to move forward with a fresh structure without the need to carry any baggage from your existing system be it manual, spreadsheet or some other package.  Once set up, Paxton Charities Accounting includes all facilities in one integrated package and so there is only one system to learn.  Looking further ahead, the procedural, form filling screen interface of Paxton makes it straightforward to pass on to new operators.

Setting up the system

The package is supplied with full documentation and a brilliant on-screen HELP facility.  The documentation includes step-by-step instructions on creating your database, adding your chart of accounts, creating your funds, and entering your opening balances.  This is all supplemented by a wealth of tutorial videos via the HELP module.  Also supplied are a number of sample starter charts of charity accounts that can be completely amended to meet your specific accounting requirements.

If you do need assistance from us, then you can always give our help desk a call, or book one of our very popular, one on one Quick Start days (See Training for further details).