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Accounting Online or PC

Whether your preference is to run online or locally on your PC or PC network, Paxton Charities Accounting provides you with the tools required to do the job properly.

The facilities provided by the PC and the online versions are identical.  The choice is yours.

Paxton Charities Online

Paxton Charities Online provides the convenience of enabling access to the software from any current PC, laptop, Mac or tablet with an internet connection.  In practice, this means that access is generally available from anywhere at any time.  It also means that true multi user access from multiple locations is available without the need for complex or expensive networking systems.  Your days of transferring databases from one location to another would be over.

Another significant benefit lies in the provision of upgrades to the software. When new versions become available these would be automatically installed for you.  Also, the online version would allow you to authorise access by your auditor or examiner without the need for them to install anything on their system.

Paxton Charities Online is hosted in a secure UK based data centre, and accessed under the latest SSL security certificate technology.  The data is backed up on a daily basis, and you can take offline backups as required.

If you are an existing user of the PC version of Paxton Charities Accounting, then your accounts can be moved on to Paxton Charities Online completely intact with no loss of data.  Also your operating procedures will be just the same as you have been using.  The move across can be performed at any time in your accounting year, even mid-month.

The PC version

The PC version is available for all current versions of Microsoft Windows.  It will run on your desktop PC or laptop, and will run on a Mac if Windows is installed.  The licensing allows the single user package to be installed on as many different PC’s as required.  If there are multiple PCs and these are networked together then the database can be installed on the server and accessed by all users.  If concurrent access is required by more than one user then a multi-user licence is available.

If access is required from multiple PCs and they are not networked together then the database will need to be moved from one PC to another.  The database can be easily copied between users via email, memory stick or a cloud sharing service, such as Dropbox.

If you start by using the PC version then you can seamlessly move from PC operation to Paxton Charities Online at any time with no loss of data.

Please contact us to discuss pricing for the PC version of Paxton Charities Accounting.


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