Paxton Cover – A service we’re very proud of!

With any software package, the availability of a good after sales support service is vital.  While we have made the installation, set up, and day to day running of Paxton Charities Accounting as easy as possible, it is inevitable that questions will arise.  Paxton has provided professional support services to its customers for many years and we are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive.

Paxton Cover

Paxton Cover is the name for our support contract and covers the following:

  • a friendly and knowledgeable telephone service via our Support Desk during normal UK office hours. In most cases, calls and emails are dealt with when received
  • free upgrades to the software as new versions become available

For Paxton Charities Online, Paxton Cover is included within the subscription fee.

For the PC version, Paxton Cover is included for the first year fee.  After the first year, there is an annual fee to maintain the service for the second and subsequent years.


We’ve made the transition to Paxton Charities Accounting and its ongoing use as easy as possible for you.  The combination of the on-screen instructions via the integrated HELP module, the installation and set-up guide you will receive when you purchase the software, and the fantastic support we offer via Paxton Cover greatly reduce the need for training.

However, should you require extra assistance, we offer consultancy and training sessions. For more about the training options available visit our Training page.