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Paxton Independent Examiners

Does your organisation require an independent examination? 

If so, we have a solution that we believe would help you.

It’s both cost-effective and – more importantly – done by our team of experts that understand your industry better than most.

For a fixed fee of £150.00* we can:

  • Complete the independent examination of your annual accounts.
  • Check that the accounts are in a format suitable for the Charities Commission.
  • Check your report to ensure they are compliant with regulatory authorities.
  • Advise on any adjustments that may be needed to the accounts.

*This is for charities using Paxton Software that have income below £250,000 and have no legal reason to submit accruals accounts. For anyone using alternative software, requiring accruals accounts examining, or Charitable Companies, please contact us for a fixed quote.

If you currently use an external accountancy practice to complete this for you, the process of changing across to us is simple – we will be more than happy to go through it with you in more detail if you are interested in using our services.

To purchase this service, contact our sales team via emailing us at sales@paxtonsoftware.com or calling us on 01234 216666.




One simple system

Say goodbye to multiple online and paper-based systems, and say hello to the HM Government-approved one stop shop for your charity accounting needs. Cloud-based, simple accounting software for charities that does everything you need it to do, all in one place. 


A name you can trust

Paxton has been developing software solutions for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors since it was formed in 1979. We have earned a reputation with our customers for producing highly functional, quality accounting software for charities.

Since the mid 1980s, we have also provided The British Army and The Royal Marines with the accounting solution for their messes, clubs and service funds. Paxton is an approved developer of software for HM Government and supplies the service funds system in use throughout The British Army and The Royal Marines.


Unparalleled support

With any software package, the availability of a good after sales support service is vital.  While we have made the installation, set up, and day to day running of Paxton Accounting Software as easy as possible, it is inevitable that questions will arise.  Paxton has provided professional support services to its customers for many years and we are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive.


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