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Paxton Charity Accounts Production

In addition to our specialist Charity Accounting Software, we have now developed and launched our latest program to allow you to produce the final accounts document, ready for submission to the Charity Commission.

After entering a few pieces of information about your charity, you can either directly include your accounts report from your Paxton Charities program or add your financial information from a different source. You can even include images to enhance the look of your final document.

Then with a click of a button, the final document is produced. It really is that simple!

The program is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device or location.

When a licence is purchased, it will allow you to produce a final document for one year end. This can be reproduced as many times as needed if any details change. 

Currently, Paxton Charity Accounts Production is only available for Receipts & Payments accounts. Accruals will be coming soon. If you’d like to register your interest for this, email us on sales@paxtoncharities.co.uk and we will keep you informed of a release date. 

Pricing is £90 + VAT, with a 50% discount for existing online users. To purchase, click the button to contact our sales team or call us on 01234 216666




One simple system

Say goodbye to multiple online and paper-based systems, and say hello to the HM Government-approved one stop shop for your charity accounting needs. Cloud-based, simple accounting software for charities that does everything you need it to do, all in one place. 


A name you can trust

Paxton has been developing software solutions for the public, private and not-for-profit sectors since it was formed in 1979. We have earned a reputation with our customers for producing highly functional, quality accounting software for charities.

Since the mid 1980s, we have also provided The British Army and The Royal Marines with the accounting solution for their messes, clubs and service funds. Paxton is an approved developer of software for HM Government and supplies the service funds system in use throughout The British Army and The Royal Marines.


Unparalleled support

With any software package, the availability of a good after sales support service is vital.  While we have made the installation, set up, and day to day running of Paxton Charities Accounting Software as easy as possible, it is inevitable that questions will arise.  Paxton has provided professional support services to its customers for many years and we are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive.


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